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Las Vegas Pitch On Location

at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 | 11:00 AM


Join us at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort for an "on location" session of Las Vegas Pitch! We'll start with with our normal pitch session and then have an exclusive tour of the resort. 


Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort was voted the #1 Luxury RV Resort in the Nation by USA Today, and after the tour, you'll know why!

A LVM Resort lot just sold for $1,000,000, and there are Motorcoaches at the resort worth over $3,000,000!! Naturally, their clientele includes lots of traveling celebrities and high-end entrepreneurs. 

You will learn how you can earn commission with future clients that may love this type of living. 

When your clients purchase at LVM Resort, you'll have these benefits:

  • Easiest transaction you’ll ever do!

  • No appraisals!

  • Get paid in 2 weeks!

  • No competition or driving your client all over town, because LVM Resort is the only place of its kind in Nevada!

Come learn about LVM Resort and add another tool in your belt that will show you know all about Las Vegas and the growth that is happening throughout the area.

Please note that space is limited, so registration is required for this event. Click below to add your name to the guest list!

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